How do I purchase products?

Products may be purchased through one of our Affiliates and/or online at Want to learn more about our products? Connect with an Affiliate.

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Is your packaging recyclable/sustainable?

Reducing resource use is of paramount importance to our packaging development process. We use FSC-certified paper for our paper packaging and product literature. Much of our product packaging, including our shipper boxes and filler paper, is recyclable in most communities in North America. How we package our products is as important as the formulas themselves. That’s why we rigorously screen every packaging material for safety as well as environmental impacts. We do not use styrene-based (#6), PVC (#3), or polycarbonate plastics (#7), which are usually not recyclable and are known to include toxic chemicals.

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How can I track my orders?

You can see your tracking information one of two ways - first, you should see an email when you place your order.  If you don't see the order you can see your tracking information by reviewing your order in your account.

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How do I update my billing information?

It's easy to update your billing information.  First, log into your account by clicking on "LOGIN."  Once you're logged in, click on "My Account" -> "Payment Methods" and you'll be able to update or add another payment method.

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