What is an Affiliate?

Someone who has decided to join Pur30 with the intention of building a business through selling our products and/or building a team.

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What is unique about Pur30?

Pur30’s sublingual strips utilize nanotechnology to delivery potent, yet fast results.  We came up with a product that is easy to take and avoids “pill fatigue.”  We hope you enjoy!

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Why Pur30?

Pur30 is the only nutritional supplement line that delivers results you can feel within 30 seconds or less.  The name denotes all-natural products that deliver fast and sustained results.

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Are there other formulas available?

Currently, we have 3 products available.  You can see the details of these products by reviewing our product whitepapers.  These can be found on the "shop" page.

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What is the advantage of the strips?

Pill fatigue is very real.  The strips have several advantages, an absorbable strip is an easy and quick way to increase absorption and deliver supplements directly.

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How fast do they work?

Pur30 was created to be absorbed quickly.  Depending on the product, many times you can feel the results within 30 seconds or less.

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Are your products FDA-approved?

Our products are patent pending and FDA requirements safe.  Our products are made with only the most pure ingredients, which also makes them both safe and effective.

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